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The Home Media Centre

Many people like to use their home computer as a home media server. These days, it is possible to hook up your smart television and music devices to a media hub. This setup is beneficial because it allows the user to keep everything in order through one centralised system which can be accessed by different
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The Basic Home Computer

Most people who fall into the main bracket of home computer users, simply want a machine to browse the internet, send a few emails, and use social media. You might not want anything fancy, just an ergonomic machine that is economical on physical space, but will still do the job without becoming overloaded. As we
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The Gaming Rig

Computer games have improved in quality by drastic levels over the past few years. As you would imagine, this leads to strain on regular machines which has given rise to the gaming rig. Just like cars, gaming rigs are also designed to look good with incredible tower casings that are lit up with led lights
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