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Online Gaming

We all know the perils of giving out your card details online, whether you’re buying a new laptop or signing up to a bookmaker to bet on the Premier League. Many people are reluctant to give out such personal and sensitive information when making an online purchase, and so, the purpose of this article is
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Keeping Your Computer Safe

Keeping your computer and data safe from viruses is very important. Hackers try to access all sorts of data from all over the world, and they can be impossible to trace. Luckily, email hosting platforms and social media have become more vigilant and do have safeguards in place, but there are a few things you
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The Home Media Centre

Many people like to use their home computer as a home media server. These days, it is possible to hook up your smart television and music devices to a media hub. This setup is beneficial because it allows the user to keep everything in order through one centralised system which can be accessed by different
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