Keeping Your Computer Safe

Keeping your computer and data safe from viruses is very important. Hackers try to access all sorts of data from all over the world, and they can be impossible to trace.

Luckily, email hosting platforms and social media have become more vigilant and do have safeguards in place, but there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Invest in good and trusted anti-virus software. There are plenty of products around, so you should read up on independent reviews that can be found on line. When purchasing a home computer, the shop that you buy it from will normally try to sell you an anti-virus package.

Shops do try to oversell, so do your homework before you buy. See how much it would cost to buy the software independently, first. You don’t even have to buy a physical package, you can just order it on the internet and it will download and install straight to your computer. Again, see what suits you best. You might want to even download a trial version first to see how it performs. It is important to run the software at least once a week if you want to make sure that you are safe. You should also regularly update your software to protect against new threats.

You should also pick good solid passwords. Random is best, with capital letters, symbols and numbers being part of the build. You should never use spouse’s, children’s or pet’s names, because hackers can easily look on your social media profiles and make an educated guess. Most importantly, never ever give your password to anyone. Reputable companies will never ask you for any password and if you give it away, you can be sure that you will be hacked.

Another good tip is to look at your internet browser security settings. You can tweak these as you find necessary in order to prevent popup spams.

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