Hardware Components for Building a PC

Building a PC is the best option if you want a future-potent system. This is because you can always upgrade the individual components if the need arises. In this article, we have shared all the essential components you will need to get started.

Case and Motherboard

The case is the component that will house all the other parts while the motherboard is the platform where the hardware will be mounted. There are three types of cases: full tower, mid-tower, and mini-ITX. On the other hand, motherboards are available in different form factors, the common one being ATX motherboards.


The CPU and GPU are instrumental in the performance of your rig and will determine whether you can take on the heavy AAA games and power-hungry software or not. Here, you will have the option of going the Intel way or AMD. Just make sure that the processor and graphics card you choose matches your needs. For basic operations, you can go for any processor and GPU, but for handling heavy tasks, you will need the high-end models.

Memory and Storage

When it comes to RAM, anything above 4GB is a sweet spot for the basic operations but to run the heavy games and software, go for 8GB RAM and above. Storage is also important regardless of whether you are building a simple rig for your home media center setup or running heavy applications. The thing is, you will need enough storage space to store files.

Power Supply and Cooling

All your components require sufficient power for optimal performance. Match your power supply with the GPU and CPU. You will also need to find out what cooling system is best for you. The common cooling systems are fan-based but for advanced systems, go for liquid coolers.

The above are the major hardware components you will need to build your rig. Remember, you will also need an equally powerful monitor and the essential accessories.